Red Scarf

Red Scarf

Medium: Oil on canvas, 146 x 97 cm

The transient interchange of human existence at specific times unconsciously puts one individual momentarily into the life of another. It is unavoidable, existential and whilst both may consciously share this experience, it can just as well be missed. The woman seems unaware of the faces that look upon her and continues in the bubble of her own existence. However, it is from the brightness of the red scarf that the onlooker’s attention is caught. Thus, the connection is made.

Around the visible human element and the onlooker are dozens of other undetermined lives, rendered anonymous in the blank windows of the apartments above and severed vehicles below. Only the reflections in the office windows and the interior strip lights give a hint that we are not alone.

Artist’s notes:

I love the futuristic architecture of Meriadeck in Bordeaux. Its immense structures imposes and invades, throwing one’s own personal space into a shaded world, far below the glimpse of sky above. The brutalist form of the buildings is coupled with the organic oval shapes of the balconies. It is austere, uninviting; but as the evening sun glances across the concrete facades the buildings suddenly seem to take a breath of life.