A moment never lasts, it is here for us to take,

To hold, to let go.

To imprint, behind our eyes; to burn, into our souls.

To remember, for an instant. To forget, in another.

One moment. Here... and then... it's gone.



Explore Amanda's various series of paintings below. Each of the images opens a gallery of the paintings in the series.

Seul by Amanda Rackowe Colonie de vacances Domino Ile d'Oléron France oil painting

Postcards from Oléron

Wilderness, abandonment and an unforgiving sea air is portrayed in my own collection of ‘postcards’...
Visits to Galleries and Museums

Visits to Galleries and Museums

People watching and other fanciful stuff in museums and galleries around the world.
backward glance


A banal itinerary of endless tarmac becomes a hypnagogic experience of changing landscapes and chance...

Autour d’un Silo

This collection of paintings is inspired by the landscape within a three kilometre radius of...
Tales from Bordeaux

Tales from Bordeaux

Interceptive images from Bordeaux’s varied life scapes, take us from the mundane to the surreal,...
Crossing Lines

Railway Stories

The exhaustive jumble of lines, signals and endless journeys inspire paintings that parallel the circumnavigation...
batiment jaune perigueux

Hidden Périgueux

Away from the quaint narrow streets and picture postcards, lie quiet waterways, stories on balconies...

Latest News

Solo Show Panic Attacks

A year ahead is a long time. But I did not think, ok; relax; chill. I did think; panic! Twelve months is not a long time. This is the amount of time in advance one needs when booking a solo show at the exhibition space of the Tourist office in...