Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

Medium: Oil on canvas, 89 x 130 cm

Crossing lines explores the transient interchange of human existence at specific moments in time; the spilling out of passengers from the crossover of arriving and departing trains brings about the unconscious invasion of personal space, which in turn becomes fragmented. While this infringement of space brings individuals closer, it allows no insight into their ego or inner consciousness, their sensitivities or their fragility.

The packed station lies beyond the bridge on which we stand. Here, we view the junction of intertwining rails, whispering telegraph wires and the mishmash of signalling. It is a busy, but nevertheless deserted landscape that greets us, only nodding towards the crowded distance of city life, punctuated by the verticals of poles and towers that appear to march off towards the horizon. A purposeful figure is seen, not only moving towards the view, but seemingly wishing to become a part of it; no longer the onlooker, he leaves our side. Perhaps he is considering his own path to take; crossing lines to reach a determined or undetermined destiny.

Artists notes:

I came across this view of Gare St Jean in Bordeaux and marvelled at the complexity of wires, rails, poles and signs. Initially experimenting with different techniques, I settled on the juxtaposition that is created through layered paint, against the bold, almost abstract sweeps from the palette knife. The view floats amidst the canvas’ red base, depicting a figure that appears to be walking himself into the depth of a page from a storybook.