Midi au Musée

Midi au Musée

Medium: Oil painting, 146 x 97 cm

A visit to the Musée d'art Moderne in Paris allowed me to immerse myself into the automated world as depicted by Delaunay, Leger and their camarades. The brightly coloured ferveur and complex gestures of the paintings are further exaggerated by the serenity of the hall in which they are placed. Light pours in from the huge windows to the right and beckons us to emerge from the spotlit interiors of the gallery wings as though stepping onto a stage where the paintings are the divas of a play.

The hall is near empty. It is lunchtime. It is the best time to visit, to absorb oneself in the world of the creators.

In this painting I wanted to depict the immensity of the space, the calm and tranquility and above all the incredible light and reflections the architecture allowed. The turmoil of the distant painting reflects in the natural stone flooring seemingly to fall into a infinite pool to find some peace at last.

This painting is in thinned oil paint where it has been built up using several layers building an intense depth and richness of colour. . I allowed the paint to take its own course, letting gravity work its magic.

Light is my greatest inspiration and the natural play of natural and artificial light juxtaposed is a constant interest. I like to observe the observers and their interaction with and reaction to the surroundings in which they find themselves as well as the objects placed within a space and their interpreted place within, by onlookers and me the artist, alike.